Friday, May 1, 2015

What kind of Game is VBHH?

I think it is time to start leaking information on my latest creation, even if it is several months from release.

Name: 'Very Bunny HaHa'
Platforms: Currently being written for the PC and Mac
Dev Suites: Unity3D,
Programmer: Robert Toone (me!)
Artist: Leilani Toone (My wonderful Daughter)
Influences: Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing and Poptropica

This is a work of enjoyment and love for me. I get to work with my daughter and also create a game in a genre/style that we both adore. There just doesn't seem to be a game on my PC that is Harvest Moon or Animal Crossing like. I also wanted to add the 2D platforming from Poptropica (a game my daughter loves).

As I am now rolling out information I will keep adding more and more and starting development notes and commentary on the game development.

Have a great day,
Da Voodoochief

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