Sunday, May 10, 2015

Latest Dev for Unity VBHH

I have been busy this weekend on and off. Working on Very Bunny HaHa in Unity.

I now have a what I am calling an InfoBar, which pops up some minor information at the bottom of the screen. This was actually fun to do, and it is truly nice to get some minor feedback on actions you take within the game. So now when you pick stuff up it will inform you. Great addition!

The second thing I have been working on is particle effects once more, odd to revisit this after a few months etc. Still this went much more smoothly this time. I now have an effect that happens when you Mine a Rock. Then at the end of the progress bar there pops up the InfoBar telling you what you mined.

Lastly I created the Apple tree. This is a very important Item in this game, and I placed this special tree in the plains. It looks as good as I imagined it, which is nice.

Here I am next to the lonesome Apple tree.

Da Voodoochief

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