Monday, May 11, 2015

Blobs for the VBHH look

I wanted to talk about what could be the most important single piece of artwork in the whole game.

It is everywhere, but Not truly noticeable anywhere, it is not a tree for example, which stands proud and tall on the landscape.

I call it a BLOB. I actually have a few blobs and they vary slightly in shape. The next image is my main Blob, that I have used in every scene so far in many a wondrous way.

The Blob. An Alpha'd image fading towards its edges.

As I have said I have placed this texture everywhere in my game, and following you will some of the uses I have put this texture to.

In the above image you can see me stretching and darkening this texture to create a darkened forested look to the edge of my level. As shadows this texture has superb properties.
The image above shows how I have used the Blob to alter the Skys blue hue, and also of course add a lot of difference and depth to the plains. As you can see the ground looks a lot more interesting with these brown and muddier hues.

I have also used the Blobs to show Moonlight on one scene and the Hazy sunlight on another.

Such a simple texture, but such a wonderfully useful texture.

Have fun with your game, you might now want to use such a lovely image.

Da Voodoochief

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