Monday, December 31, 2012

Updating a Web Site, important?

I do wonder quite often, just how important is it to update my main web site. Of course I offset not updating that web site by actually using this Blogging site a Lot more often.

Still, all the advice you see about getting noticed tends to revolve around keeping people informed, keeping them appraised of what exciting things are going on in your development life.

I'll be honest, I don't think it really makes much difference if your audience is not already there, OR if you are not going out and finding an audience. Like me and 99% of Indie games developers, we don't get much time to go and grow our audience. Most of those Indies that have grown their audience seem to me to be a number of people bandied together to create their games. I do not have the luxury of multiple people working on my team, or not lately anyway. Still I do wonder if I should spend more time getting people interested in what I do instead of actually doing it, sic.

Back to the point of this post...

So how often should I be updating my main web site. I last updated it about a month ago when I finally got my iOS Book Apps out. Maybe I should now litter it with my current development of HoopFighter, as it does star Shaq and that may make more visits for my site. Still, I am not sure it has any real value at present. Maybe when I have a real in game shot to show off or something.

Probably still worth a mention however,

I do wonder how important other small Indie devs think updating their web site is, maybe they have had more success at attracting an audience?

Da Voodoochief

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