Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I have my Win 8 Phone

I received my new phone on Monday, just 9 days after I lost my last phone in the desert. My last phone was a classic clam shell phone and certainly not smart enough not to get lost (ok, maybe it was my fault).

Still I now have upgraded to a real smart phone, the T-Mobile Nokia 810 windows 8 phone. First impressions are that the OS is very VERY like the windows 7 phone my wife has had now for a number of years, and I will add is very happy with. So happy in fact she didn;t want to upgrade to Win8 phone haha.

I have been busy trying to setup the phone and get accustomed to its way of behaving etc. Now the thing is I am getting along well with the phone. Heck, once I found it ran Win 7 apps and games I went to the store and bought, or downloaded (some are free) my games I did through XNA for the win 7 phone. Yes they work great!! However I am very excited to update these games. It will mean reprogramming them from C# to C++, but I do not think that will be to bad. It wasn't when I did just that with Hot Chicks the Card game. I will of course be able to simply rebuild that distribute to a win 8 machine. Or I will when...

Marmalade get their new version to support Windows 8 Phones natively. They say they will release this version in December sometime, yet I find myself tense as I await this new version of their SDK. ( ).

I will say one thing that strangely saddened me at first was....
I did not expect win7 phone games to play on the win8 phones. I thought this would mean if I could get my games out quickly I would be a fish in a small pond. Now I realise I am the same sized fish I always was within the windows phone pond.. and oddly enough it is disappointing. Probably because I would not call my 3 win7 phone titles a success (or even close).

Laters all,
Da Voodoochief

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