Thursday, January 26, 2017

Got the Font

It has been a busy week once more, adding more quests into the game, fixing bugs and generally tidying up all sorts of things. along with that Leilani provided some more graphics so I managed to get those in as well. Game looks all the better for them.

So back to the Font. Well one of the first fonts we looked at a couple of weeks ago was called Minya. Both me and Leilani loved the way it looked and felt it suited the game 100%. So then I read the license file that came with it and see I cannot use the font embedded in my App/Game. Dang, well all I need surely is to buy the Font. Well then I looked all over and selected a few font buying sites and got confused about which license I needed and got frustrated.

As it wasn't a totally free font, we thought at this point to simply find another font that would work for us instead. I have to say here that I must have searched through 400 fonts. I downloaded about 30 and put most of them into the game for a test. In fact below is the Minya Font.
 Next up was a Font I really liked called Gabriella, but it wasn't right for the main bodies of text.
 Then Admina, this one was simply too busy for the game, it is supposed to be a relaxed experience.
Smythe looked great when I downloaded it, but once in the game I hated the way it looked, and yes, perhaps I could have made it larger, but I do not think that would have helped to be honest.
So after all that I decided to do what it said on the Minya page of, that was to contact the creator if I had any questions. Yes, I did! Well wouldn't you know it.. on his contact page he had some questions answered and he answered one about App embedding licenses and gave several links to purchase this license. So I chose the first one ( and on that page I could buy the App license for 12 dollars and the Web embedding license for only 3 dollars as it was on offer.

So for 15 dollars I got the exact font I wanted, our favorite font. All that running around , hours on top of hours trying various fonts and in the end I went with just about the first one I saw... Life can be funny like that I guess.

Da Voodoochief

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