Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Fonts Required

I didn't manage to get anything done on the game this weekend, though my Friday meeting with Leilani was as good and productive as always.

Still this weekend was full of Football (American) and Supercross and lots of Tennis, mostly by my wife, but also by me. Then there was a nice 50th celebration with my friend Chris. Great weekend, it went in a flash haha!

So, to the title. Fonts... One of the items on our list and has been an item for a long time is the fact we need to obtain final fonts for the game. We decided we only need two fonts, a Title/Header font and also a main body text font. Different requirements, but at least we only need two and not three. Now in the past I have been criticized that I had too many fonts on a screen (it was 3), and also that the fonts did not compliment each other. So this time we are both going to have to agree with the choices, and also we need to make them both compliment the actual game and therefore each other.

The thing about Fonts I do not like is the licensing for them, it can get me quite confused. As that is a factor I will probably only go with completely free font licenses, even if I favor another font. Having said that I have a font I like for the Body text and it has a license that is restricted for App embedding. As I cannot understand the restrictions or where/how to buy it for my needs I will likely email the creator and see what the deal is. Some of these fonts get really expensive for Apps, even if they are a 10th of the cost for Web pages and more.

This is the week we will decide on them, one way or another. So in a future post I should be able to post some samples or comparisons of ones we looked at and why we made decisions we did.

On a last note for tonight I will mention that the other day I realized that my Blog posts are no longer going to my Facebook page or my Twitter account which means I have very few views each week. It was quite confusing for a while there till I realized. So I will have to fix that soon.. yet another job.


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