Monday, December 12, 2016

New Minigame - Rockfall

I am a bit late for writing this weeks wrap up, up. That is because I have been suffering a Migraine this weekend and it really knocks me about a lot. I hope to be fully functional by tomorrow. However me and Leilani did already have a fully productive week before the weekend migraine arrived.

This last week we got through a number of things. As I am not working on a quest chain at the moment I got to work on something else and that is my Final minigame. OK, I say final as it is my 10th minigame. Though technically I call this one an Arcade Task, as it allows the player to fulfill an in game quest by completing the arcade minigame.

This image above is the title page for the minigame. Not the most interesting ting I agree.

The game is a simple timing game where you tap the screen at just the right time. Depending on how well you time your strike you will generate more power and smash the rocks faster. Faster of course equals more points! This is a unique style of game for VBHh and so fits in rather well. Now I have to hook it up to the Quest system and finish it off with a new animation of Jack swinging his Sledgehammer.

I also really finished off that Bermuda Love Triangle quest line and so much more.

Well on with the next week, where I shall be working on many a varied task.

Da Voodoochief

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