Sunday, December 4, 2016

Cave Mon

We have been working hard on several aspects of the game this last week.

The image above is my first layout pass for the Cave system that I mentioned in my previous blog post. As you can see I have some detail already on the far left as that is the entrance. The rest is a major work in progress. Just sorting out the collision areas is taking me some focus and time. Still it will be awesome when done. This is one of my side jobs as I move the rest of the game forwards.

Another aspect of the game is the placement of the Quests.. or perhaps now I should call them narratives?

While I have been inputting some of the quests I have run into several things that were needed to support them, such as more Items in the game, and even the Baker Trader needed to have her inventory refresh set up correctly. This was an interesting piece of code to write.

We also in Fridays meeting got to discuss the Arcade Minigame Task we sort of had designed. It was not quite right. So Bam in only about 5 minutes we had all the extra bits sorted out and the design is done. Now the creation of that game is waiting on my todo list.

Da Voodoochief

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