Monday, June 27, 2016

Adult Female in the industry

I know that title is a bit strange. Let me explain...

Today my Daughter turned 18. A huge deal where I come from in the UK. Over here in SoCal USA it is not such a big deal. In fact I had such a hard time finding a card with 18 on it, that I never actually did.

Now being 18 means she is now officially an adult. Yes, an adult. She has already started her college career at a local community college this summer, meanwhile she is also of course working with her Dad (me) on our first game development together.

Leilani has been working on Very Bunny Haha now for over a year and are still going strong. We really have been connecting well on the game and as the game has developed we have added, changed and improved so much along the way. In fact in the last year the game has developed from our first ideas to the way it is going now. It has added many, many months to the development cycle, but we are really enjoying the ride. In fact adding in Leilani's graphics are a real pleasure, along with working with her on scripts and other aspects of design.

Leilani is a wonderful daughter that has her own ideas, and works really well with me. Something we will always have, and hopefully when it is completed many other people will also get to enjoy our game.

Leilani has now been in the Industry making this game for over a year. Do you think she will get an E3 badge next year? I don't know, but I will certainly try hard to make it happen. She works every day on this game... she deserves it.

Congrats my sweet Leilani. Follow those dreams and work hard like you always do. I believe in you.


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