Friday, November 9, 2012

Odd happening with In game Ads

One of my Android games is Ad supported. Though in truth the small amount of money it has made my in the last 6 months is so low, I should have sold it for 99 cents and a single sale a month would have been better. Still the game seems to me to be fairly popular and generates about 1K Ad requests  a day. Still only pennies per month.

Well about 4 weeks ago I got a nice informative email from Inner-Active. It informed me that due to complaints it was going to cancel my gamea ccount. This game is 'Hot Chicks TCG', and as you can see has some bikini clad women in it. So Ok, np, if you really want to do that go ahead (not that I could have stopped them anyways).

Just as this happened I started receiving emails from someone at Inner-Active asking if they could buy up all my advertising in ALL my products. Well erm.. The main one I have you just cancelled... This was odd. So I simply ignored the email as any sane person would. Still each week since then I have received more emails. Last week I decided to tell this salesman about Hot chicks and what happened to its account. I explained very simply I have no other ad revenue etc.

Well I got a reply a few days later telling me that was great, and could I supply my daily views and average ecpm so they could work out a deal with me. :O

Now I am back to igbnoring him, as he obviously did not read my reply!

Laters all,
Da Voodoochief

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