Monday, November 19, 2012

A Day at the Zoo published

Phew. apple has just passed my new Book App 'A Day at the Zoo' and is now available on the Apple Appstore along with the update to '5 Golden Coins'.

I was busy this weekend updating the two web sites for these apps. It was sort of fun, but I have to say that using the official 'Download from ???' style badges are two things. Great and annoying. As my games are available in 3 places now (google play, Amazon app store and Apple Appstore), it is a pain to place that many logos of their sizes onto a web page. The web page is a bit tighter as it has so much on it, but I managed to Cram it all on there, as you will see if ya clock that link.

On the other hand with more space like on the official books page at you will notice how much better set out and pleasing the look is. No longer do those images overpower or clutter the screen. Still good to have something official to link with though.

Now I simply need to find someone to market these two book apps to the correct demographic (parents) and we shall see how it goes. If I can do well enough to pay for the third book I would consider that a success.

I am hoping this Xmas that people with buy my Book/App as a present for their friends or for their nephews and nieces etc.

Heres hoping,
Da Voodoochief

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