Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WP7 reviewers List needed

The development of my latest game came and went very fast. I am happy with it as it is a game and not some poor little innocent bit of code that does not entertain. The best thing i can say about this game is the fact that it is liked by my Wife. Yes it is true. My wife likes my latest game. Which means i have created the right game for the demographic i was after.

Now i just have to hope that the game can get some visibility, i sure hope so. As that has been the single most important thing missing from my previously released games on Xblig etc.

Thanks to a Peer of Mine Kakcat (on twitter here). I released my game today, as i undertsand that altough i can publish my game sometime after it has released, it is not advisable to do so as the release date when you publish it will actually be the date it passed suibmission. Ouch, thankfully i only missed a couple of days atop the new releases list, so i have fared better than soem other devs.

So now i am not quite prepared for my Big launch, something i was looking forward to. so here i am scrambling to get stuff together that i was all relaxed about before today. One thing i really need is a nice list of Web sites that are likely to review my game. This means a lit of sites and hopefully contacts that have taken the time and trouble to review other Xna developed windows phone games. As i have not done well so far in my search, i thought i would start by creating a repository of the info i Do gather, so all my peers can use the list too. I really hope it is useful and gets the platform more publicity etc.

So here is the link to my new page that i started late tonight.
WP7 Reviewers List

Da Voodoochief

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