Sunday, June 26, 2011

Am I back ?

To answer the Title i am, and i am not.

I have just recieved approval for my new game. This time it is for the Windows phone platform. The new game is called.

This is my first game on the platform, and i sure hope it will not be the last. I will start doing blog posts as i remember to do them and i'll try to do them as often as i can.

Yes, i am still insanely busy at work, working on at present an undisclosed conversion to the PS3 platform. More to come when they tell me i can talk about it. One thing i will say is the that this has been the most challenging conversion i have ever worked on, and i have done some doozies i can tell ya!

So this game has information on my web site, so you can check it out there, also the video we made for promotional purposes is there.

Thanks for reading and i hope to make it interesting as i possibly follow this new path.

More info on why the change to wp7 from Xblig in the next post (i hope tomorrow).

good night.

Da Voodoochief

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