Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Size is an issue

So following on from my posts about the size of my game, i have to say that i am still complaining.

I think the 50MB limit sucks for me, not so much for normal 1 dollar games though, as they tend to be more program and less artwork, one reason why they are faster to make and therefore cheaper to make. The general rule of thumb is that the more art the more assets and therefore the more time to develop.

Back to point. I have decided that i love the resolution of the images i am using. so to make them smaller res again is difficult for me. I would have to halve their resolution to get the game to fit into 50MB and that is a step too far.
so now i am going to have to publish the game at 240ms points, or 3 dollars.
Frustrating, but what ya gonna do eh!

So whats left i hear you all ask...

I need to make a video for youtube, and erm.. make write some blurb for the marketing of the product and press release.

then i will transfer this game over to the Review section, which is currenty full of 81 games. Yup 81!!!

I have tried to review a couple of games over the last few weeks, but it seems i am not good at choosing games to review. As i WILL NOT post reviews and fail/pass a game that i think sucks. So far i tried 3 games, i say games, but that is a loose variation on the theme. In fact two of them looked remarkably like the starter kits redone mildly. Which is ok i guess, but the jump feel is not there in the starter kt, and is still not there in their game. This really means that i appear to not have reviewed any games in months. Pity really.
Guess i should make a better choice and review with more enthusiasm. time will tell. Now i have DLC done i should have some time.

Though interestingly enough, last night i had a 3 hour meeting with my friend to discuss whats next for both of us. Can we work together, and if so what on...

We made some progress and are going to try harder this time to get the Adventure Books for Children published. I'll keep ya all informed.

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