Friday, December 4, 2009

Pricing Curveball

When MS altered their pricing structure for the XBLIG games, i never noticed that they also altered a few other things. I know this is my fault for not reading the whole article or at least not comprehending it anyway. But it depresses a bit.

This time it is because I finally got the Playtest version of DLC up there on the XNA playtest area. Woohoo! That was big, and thanks go to Scott for some last minute artistic surgery for an Icon and Box art.

I always intended that this product go out for 1 dollar. It is about getting new people into this wonderful comic book series, and not about making money, although that would be nice obviously. But once again i feel curve balled, and MS used to have their second tier pricing set at 100MB. Now they have chnaged that to a measely 50MB. That is bad for me, as my current ccGame take about 77MB.

What can i do? I first noticed this when submitting last night, and it would not let me choose the lowest option. It would be very tough to get this down to 50MB. It would mean that i would lose 25% of my resolution for the comic pages. And i like the way they look right now, BAH!

Not sure what to do at this point. But i feel that 3 dollars is too much.

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