Thursday, March 23, 2017

Bad Guy has a Flag with an emblem #gamedev

I have been busy getting the Main Story quest line implemented in the
game. I have to say it is very exciting as now I am getting down to the
last few of the quests for this. I am being delayed a little bit as I
implement the actual happenings when you get so far through the quest,
such as areas opening up and special animations required etc.

I have also been busy as has Leilani getting some more graphics in the
game, such as NPC portraits and such. They look real nice in my opinion.
Still more to go in, such as the arcade cabinets, which I chopped up
already and have 2 in the game.. that leaves only 7 more to make haha!

I am now close to creating the final scene of the game... the one where
the bad guy resides. Here is his banner that Leilani designed for him.


Along with all this are the many bug fixes along the way, and a few
minor redesigns of various bits that make the game look better and play
better. While doing all this my kitchen is coming along well in the
house, though slowly as always haha.

Da Voodoochief

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