Friday, May 13, 2016

The Goodies - featureset #gamedev

I love calling them the Goodies. After a very British comedy program from the 70s that I watched incessantly back then.

Today though these Goodies refer not to a comedy trio, but to a Trio of features added into the game. Interestingly or coincidentally it has taken me 3 weeks to implement.

The Trio are:
  1. Companions. Little friends to keep you company on your adventures.
  2. Wearables. Items you can wear, such as a new Fluffy tail, or a Halo because you are so good.
  3. Effects. There are a selection of different effects and effect attach points on your player Rabbit. So you can customize which Effect goes where. Fun little items.

The Goodies are selected through the in game menu. Selecting them brings up the sub Menu for you to choose what kind of Goodie you want to work with.
As you can see, this is the Wearables sub menu. Here you can select which items you would like to wear and in which slot on your player Rabbit.
Finally we have the player Rabbit. Your character ALL decked out in every slot, and being accompanied by your own Worker Bee companion.

We are very hopeful that players will appreciate the large amount of work put into this area of the game. It is not an essential part of playing the game, but customizing your character is always a fun thing to do. This will also double as rewards if and when we go and KickStart this game. I also think this simply adds value to Very Bunny Haha

Have a good night,
Da Voodoochief

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