Thursday, January 26, 2017

Got the Font

It has been a busy week once more, adding more quests into the game, fixing bugs and generally tidying up all sorts of things. along with that Leilani provided some more graphics so I managed to get those in as well. Game looks all the better for them.

So back to the Font. Well one of the first fonts we looked at a couple of weeks ago was called Minya. Both me and Leilani loved the way it looked and felt it suited the game 100%. So then I read the license file that came with it and see I cannot use the font embedded in my App/Game. Dang, well all I need surely is to buy the Font. Well then I looked all over and selected a few font buying sites and got confused about which license I needed and got frustrated.

As it wasn't a totally free font, we thought at this point to simply find another font that would work for us instead. I have to say here that I must have searched through 400 fonts. I downloaded about 30 and put most of them into the game for a test. In fact below is the Minya Font.
 Next up was a Font I really liked called Gabriella, but it wasn't right for the main bodies of text.
 Then Admina, this one was simply too busy for the game, it is supposed to be a relaxed experience.
Smythe looked great when I downloaded it, but once in the game I hated the way it looked, and yes, perhaps I could have made it larger, but I do not think that would have helped to be honest.
So after all that I decided to do what it said on the Minya page of, that was to contact the creator if I had any questions. Yes, I did! Well wouldn't you know it.. on his contact page he had some questions answered and he answered one about App embedding licenses and gave several links to purchase this license. So I chose the first one ( and on that page I could buy the App license for 12 dollars and the Web embedding license for only 3 dollars as it was on offer.

So for 15 dollars I got the exact font I wanted, our favorite font. All that running around , hours on top of hours trying various fonts and in the end I went with just about the first one I saw... Life can be funny like that I guess.

Da Voodoochief

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Fonts Required

I didn't manage to get anything done on the game this weekend, though my Friday meeting with Leilani was as good and productive as always.

Still this weekend was full of Football (American) and Supercross and lots of Tennis, mostly by my wife, but also by me. Then there was a nice 50th celebration with my friend Chris. Great weekend, it went in a flash haha!

So, to the title. Fonts... One of the items on our list and has been an item for a long time is the fact we need to obtain final fonts for the game. We decided we only need two fonts, a Title/Header font and also a main body text font. Different requirements, but at least we only need two and not three. Now in the past I have been criticized that I had too many fonts on a screen (it was 3), and also that the fonts did not compliment each other. So this time we are both going to have to agree with the choices, and also we need to make them both compliment the actual game and therefore each other.

The thing about Fonts I do not like is the licensing for them, it can get me quite confused. As that is a factor I will probably only go with completely free font licenses, even if I favor another font. Having said that I have a font I like for the Body text and it has a license that is restricted for App embedding. As I cannot understand the restrictions or where/how to buy it for my needs I will likely email the creator and see what the deal is. Some of these fonts get really expensive for Apps, even if they are a 10th of the cost for Web pages and more.

This is the week we will decide on them, one way or another. So in a future post I should be able to post some samples or comparisons of ones we looked at and why we made decisions we did.

On a last note for tonight I will mention that the other day I realized that my Blog posts are no longer going to my Facebook page or my Twitter account which means I have very few views each week. It was quite confusing for a while there till I realized. So I will have to fix that soon.. yet another job.


Monday, January 9, 2017

Inventory design and a Cave painting

In the image above you can see a section of the Cave. On the left side is the Ore that you come here, primarily to mine. I have about finished the whole Cave1 system now and am working on refining the environment and adding cool touches where I see them needed. I think it is quite atmospheric, though I have still to find the right music for this scene.

When playing the game itself lately I have become a little displeased with the Inventory system that you use. It isn't really bad, but it has a few shortcomings and so in a recent design discussion with Leilani we came up with several touches that should improve it's usability. For example... where the cursor is when you bring up the inventory, is exactly where you left it, no more resetting to the top corner. Also the cursor now wraps on the horizontal, meaning you can get to the furthest item real fast! Along with this was the fact we have added in sooooo many more items for you to carry than the original design called for, so we wanted to address that too.

We decided we needed to show more inventory items at a time.....
We were only displaying 5 items on the horizontal lines, and so adding more items should be easy right? In the above image you can see that I went all out and made it 9 in the line. However we really felt this was a bit crowded. I also wonder how people might fair on the touch screen tablets. So 9 was too many... ok then....
So then we tried 8, which was still too crowded. finally I ended up on 7 and felt OK about it. Leilani confirmed and so I made it so in the code. Now I feel that using the inventory is not bad, not bad at all. Still the best feature was adding in the fact that the cursor did not reset when the inventory was displayed.

The reason the cursor was reset is due to the fact that the Traders also used your inventory display and code. Well as it happens I do not think this inventory display really suits the Traders. So after a brief discussion and design session we came up with a totally new layout for Traders to display their wares. I have just started on it and will report on that in a future post :)

Lastly I want to mention that Unity really lets me down badly when using large Enums in the Editor. they display in a linear fashion and it is very cumbersome. So a few days ago I spent 5 bucks on an editor asset that fixes this issue by adding a search box and a vertical scroll bar. I think this is going to be 5 bucks well spent. Otter Menus.

Da Voodoochief

Friday, January 6, 2017

New Rock Smashin Gif

That is my newest Gif. I am so pleased with myself for remembering to create one to show ya what I have been very recently working on.

This animation shows me smashing a rock to get some stone pieces which I need for some quests. I had to fix a few bugs I had with this as I wrote it quite a while ago in code. Now it is fully tidied up and also has Jack swinging his trusty Sledgehammer as a bonus.

So next up was to make it so Jack could use all his tools, or show he is using them when you chop wood, or pick plants etc. I have gotten the Axe put in as well, and will soon do the other tools, but I now have the method down and the way to animate Jack correctly. Pretty sweet I think.

Da Voodoochief

Saturday, December 24, 2016

New Flowers Created

That gif above is only my second Gif. Which is a little annoying to me as I promised myself I would create a number of them to show off parts of the game. I am happy however with the way this one turned out. This is one of the new flowers I just put into the game and it is a bluebell. This flower grows like this over several hours, not like it is above.

I also put in the Hibiscus flower and that looks o. Bit disappointed so no doubt I will be revisiting that at some point soon.

I have also been very busy working on the cave... that thing is a monster and taking up so much time. Still I also got a couple of the Lantern quests done for it. The other Major thing I have been working on and have at about 90% is Quinns Tower. The inside this time, which is a new scene. Bringing my total up to 36 scenes for this game! Wowza, I never ever thought it would be half this big. Well actually that's a bit of a lie as I did expect it to be about 18 scenes in size.

I am stoked with Quinns tower, and it only has a few extra things to do to complete it and that makes me feel good. One more scene done means one less to go.

I am going to go back to working on quests while I also try and get the Cave finished. Wish me luck.

Merry Christmas,
Da Voodoochief

Monday, December 19, 2016

VBHh Cave Progresses

The cave is taking a considerable amount of time to get done. I say done and what I mean is to progress. It is hard to get it just looking right enough to be publishable. So I spend a lot of time trying to get various bits right. Now I also realize that as I complete sections of the cave they can be reused or reworked fairly easily in other sections of the cave scene.

I also have to admit that there are a lot of pieces to the caverns within the whole cave scene. So many GameObjects. They take time to place and colorize correctly and so most of my last week was spent working on this. I must admit to quite liking what I have completed so far though. Even if I am only about 25% through it, gah! hahaha!

Leilani has been very busy working on the main story arc and it is now about fully spec'd out and she is nearly ready to write it all out. I am very excited to have that done. It is late in the game development to really be getting it in, but we did not want to rush it... so instead we worked on all the other stuff to surround it. I believe the result will show we made a good choice.

I have fixed up the Watergun mini-game and it now looks exactly like I wanted it to, phew. Done!

Rockfall has also has some tune ups by adding some animations it needed. Along with several bug fixes to mini-games now. It feels pretty amazing to say I now have 10 finished mini-games, the right number for this title.

So onwards as we add in more graphics and complete more sections of the game.

Da Voodoochief

Monday, December 12, 2016

New Minigame - Rockfall

I am a bit late for writing this weeks wrap up, up. That is because I have been suffering a Migraine this weekend and it really knocks me about a lot. I hope to be fully functional by tomorrow. However me and Leilani did already have a fully productive week before the weekend migraine arrived.

This last week we got through a number of things. As I am not working on a quest chain at the moment I got to work on something else and that is my Final minigame. OK, I say final as it is my 10th minigame. Though technically I call this one an Arcade Task, as it allows the player to fulfill an in game quest by completing the arcade minigame.

This image above is the title page for the minigame. Not the most interesting ting I agree.

The game is a simple timing game where you tap the screen at just the right time. Depending on how well you time your strike you will generate more power and smash the rocks faster. Faster of course equals more points! This is a unique style of game for VBHh and so fits in rather well. Now I have to hook it up to the Quest system and finish it off with a new animation of Jack swinging his Sledgehammer.

I also really finished off that Bermuda Love Triangle quest line and so much more.

Well on with the next week, where I shall be working on many a varied task.

Da Voodoochief